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Rhode Island Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Rhode Island ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Rhode Island history.

History of Rhode Island

New Rhode Island Biographies

We have currently transcribed 219 biographies from Charles Carroll’s Rhode Island: Three Centuries of Democracy. These biographies cover the entire state of Rhode Island. We also have placed online the first volume of which contains the early history of Rhode Island above.

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New Rhode Island Genealogy

Biography of David D. Johnston

Having been elected for the first time many years ago as town clerk of Lincoln, Providence County, Mr. Johnston proved himself such a faithful and able public official that his fellow-citizens have reelected him from then on with the greatest regularity. During the quarter of a century which he has served his community as its town clerk, he has gained for himself to a remarkable degree the liking and respect of everybody. This, however, is easily explained by the fact that Mr. Johnston’s personality is very likable. He is a member of several fraternal organizations and…

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Biography of Michael Joseph Lynch

Michael Joseph Lynch With the passing of Michael Joseph Lynch, for many years one of the foremost builders and manufacturers in New England, the community lost a valuable member, while to a multitude of friends his place can never be filled. Not only was he a productive and progressive agent but he was of such sterling character that he attained a fame for rectitude that was not exceeded by that of any other man of his generation. His life was an exemplification of the highest type of citizen, business man and loyal friend. He came here…

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Biography of John Francis Kirby

In addition to holding a prominent place in business and banking circles in Woonsocket, John Francis Kirby has made a wide circle of friends through his activities in various fraternal organizations, of which he is an active and well-known member. John Francis Kirby was born November 29, 1890, at Woonsocket, and is the son of John H. Kirby, now retired, who was born at South Walpole, Massachusetts, and Bridget (Kirrane) Kirby, born in Woonsocket. John H. Kirby was for twenty-five years a member of the board of assessors of Woonsocket. John F. Kirby first attended the…

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Biography of Harry Sharp

A resident of Centerdale, Rhode Island, for many years, Harry Sharp is known as one of the most enterprising men of business in this section of the State. He has founded and operated several important projects, and is now president and general manager of the Yacht Club Bottling Works, manufacturers of carbonated beverages. Mr. Sharp established this enterprise in 1915, and under his guidance it has grown to be one of the largest beverage manufacturing businesses in the State. Mr. Sharp was born in Bradford, England, on December 9, 1882, a son of Michael and Elizabeth…

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Biography of Charles Francis Gilson

Owner and operator of the Center dale Pharmacy, at North Centerdale, Rhode Island, Charles Francis Gilson is a man of thorough training and wide experience in this field. His present enterprise is one of the important business establishments of the community, and one of the best of its kind in this part of the State. Mr. Gilson was born at Providence, Rhode Island, on May 2, 1892, son of Thomas and Annie (Maher) Gilson, both now deceased. The father, born in Portland, Oregon, was engaged as a machinist until the time of his death. The mother…

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Biography of George A. Bergstrom

Conducting the largest independent grocery and meat market in East Greenwich, George A. Bergstrom has built up the business to this point within less than half a dozen years by a close attention to every detail of the work and an unflagging industry. Mr. Bergstrom’s interest in all progressive movements of the community has been notable, and indicates the highest type of citizenship, as does his military record during that period when our country needed all its manpower to overcome the common enemy, and sent millions of soldiers overseas for that purpose. He has also shown…

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Biography of Jonathan Andrews

Descended from Colonial stock and inheriting the best traits of his forefathers, who carved the path of civilization into the wilderness that confronted the settlers of New England and tested the mettle of that hardy company, Jonathan Andrews, of Woonsocket, has worthily followed the traditions of industry and progress that were handed down to him. He holds a secure place in the esteem of his fellow-citizens, as has been amply illustrated by his selection for important public office, in which he has served with commendable activity in the interests of the people. He has shown himself…

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Biography of Charles Roderick Makepeace

Charles Roderick Makepeace One of the best-known designing and consulting industrial architects and mechanical engineers in the United States, the late Charles R. Makepeace was regarded as an authority in his profession. During his long and exceptionally successful career he was identified with the erection of some two hundred and fifty plants in various parts of the United States, as well as in several foreign countries. Having always made his headquarters in Providence, this city naturally benefited extensively by his widespread activities and by his high professional standing. He also took a very active and effective…

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