Congressman William Paine Sheffield

Biography of William Paine Sheffield

William P. Sheffield (1893-), a prominent lawyer and industrial executive in Rhode Island, upheld the legacy of his father and grandfather, both named William Paine Sheffield. The Sheffield family, established in Newport, Rhode Island, since the colonial era, had a history of significant contributions to society and politics. Sheffield, educated at Brown University and Harvard Law School, joined the family law firm and held various civic and business roles. He served as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army during WWI. Sheffield married Agatha Spoank in 1917, and they had four children: William P. IV, Edwin S., Richard B., and Agatha S.

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Governor Henry Lippitt

Biography of Governor Henry Lippitt

Governor Henry Lippitt — The Lippitt family has given to Rhode Island two governors: Governor Henry Lippitt, subject of this record, and his son, Charles Warren Lippitt. The former was an outstanding manufacturer and financier, and the son was associated with the father in most of these important enterprises. The family was founded in America by John Lippitt, who had a house and home lot of six acres in Providence, Rhode Island, in the year 1638. On July 27, 1640, he signed a compact containing proposals for a form of government, and he was in 1647 one of the commission

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Christopher J Brennan

Biography of Christopher J. Brennan

A native of Providence, Mr. Brennan was born September 5, 1893, the son of Christopher P. and Mary E. (Flynn) Brennan, both of whom were born in Providence. The father, who still resides in Providence, spent his life in the city in the trade of a master plumber. The subject of this sketch received his elementary education in the Providence public schools and attended the Classical High School. At Holy Cross College he received his Bachelor of Arts degree with the class of 1915, and went from thence to the Harvard School of Law, but the entry of the United

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Charles Stephen Davol

Biography of Charles Stephen Davol

In the textile trade of this State and Massachusetts, the late Charles Stephen Davol was known as one of the most expert and highly trusted financial executives. As treasurer for many years of the Standard Braid Company, he made his official headquarters at Attleboro, Massachusetts, advancing the interests of that great concern, which was a merger of several mill properties. From early manhood he made his home in Warren, where he was regarded with feelings akin to affection by the people of whom he had been a neighbor for many years. A thoughtful man and a student always, Mr. Davol

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Rev. Thomas J. O’Connor

For five years, from 1925 to the present writing (1930), Rev. Thomas J. O’Connor has been the able pastor of the Church of St. Philomena at Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island. The parish of St. Philomena was originally a mission of St. Francis’ parish of Wakefield, which, in turn, from 1850 on to 1879, was itself a mission of East Greenwich. Before 1850 there were few Catholics in this region, which, in that early time, was seldom visited by a priest. No doubt such devoted men as Edward Putnam or James Fitton, missionaries-at-large from Providence, sometimes called there in the early

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Along the Waterfront Looking North Jamestown

Early Industrial and Social Life

Roger Williams reached Providence in a canoe; by what method of traveling he reached the easterly bank of the Seekonk River, the seat of his tentative settlement, after the winter escape from Salem, is not known. Nor is it known where he obtained the canoe, or the tools with which he began to build a house and plant in the spring of 1636 before he was requested by Plymouth to move on. From the Puritans of his day and generation Roger Williams differed in other respects than religion and politics; unlike most of them he did not write a diary

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St Matthews Church, Central Falls, RI

Biography of Right Rev. Joseph Alfred Laliberte

From the founding of St. Matthew’s parish of Central Falls, Rhode Island, in 1906, to the completion and dedication of the magnificent $600,000 church in December, 1929, Right Rev. Joseph Alfred Laliberte has been the devoted leader, the inspiring teacher, and the able and successful financier of the parish he brought into existence. He is still the honored pastor of the devoted and energetic people of the parish of St. Matthew. St. Matthew’s parish is one of the typical French-Canadian parishes of the United States, a splendid example of what can be achieved by limited resources when there is thrift,

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Frank C. Stender

Biography of Frank C. Stender

A survey of much of the important new construction which has marked the rapid progress of Providence, Rhode Island, for several decades would give prominence to the name and work of Frank C. Stender, one of the most prominent marine contractors in the State and head of the firm of F. C. Stender & Company. He was also associated with D. M. Weston & Company, riggers, and was especially concerned with water front matters and the development of the port of Providence. Frank C. Stender was born in Hamburg, Germany, January 29, 1872, and he came to Providence when he

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Organizing A Democracy

My soul’s desire was to do the natives good, and to that end to have their language (which I afterwards printed), and therefore I desired not to be troubled with English company,” said Roger Williams in 1677, referring to the founding of Providence Plantations. He planned to serve the Indians as a social missionary, living among them; it was not his purpose to found a colony or a state. Yet he yielded to the urgent requests of other souls troubled by persecution as his was, and made Providence a refuge for those ostracized by neighboring colonies. He soon had companions

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