Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Albert Sidney Almy

To the notable group of Americans who have contributed most to the progress which has made this one of the most remarkable periods in the history of mankind belongs the late Albert Sidney Almy, of Bristol, Rhode Island, by virtue of his lifelong connection with shipbuilding. To the improvement of water craft he gave his very considerable abilities and his devoted attention. He was prominent in business and in civic activities, and a man of many warm and lasting friendships. Albert Sidney Almy was born July 31, 1836, at Little Compton, Rhode Island, son of Isaac C. and Alice (Bateman) …

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Christopher J Brennan

Biography of Christopher J. Brennan

A native of Providence, Mr. Brennan was born September 5, 1893, the son of Christopher P. and Mary E. (Flynn) Brennan, both of whom were born in Providence. The father, who still resides in Providence, spent his life in the city in the trade of a master plumber. The subject of this sketch received his elementary education in the Providence public schools and attended the Classical High School. At Holy Cross College he received his Bachelor of Arts degree with the class of 1915, and went from thence to the Harvard School of Law, but the entry of the United …

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Frederick E. Anthony

Because of his notable contributions to the progress of the age, the late Frederick E. Anthony, of Providence, was known the country over as a mechanical genius. This appellation was properly used in connection with his name, although the products of his trained mind and cunning hand bore the imprint of the corporation, the Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Company, to whose success and prestige he gave the major portion of his life and the results of the gifts with which he was endowed. As for himself, he rejoiced in the rise and progress of the company to which he was …

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Farrand Stewart Stranahan, Sr.

For more than two decades the firm of Stranahan and Company has been prominent in financial circles of Providence, Rhode Island. As its executive head, Farrand Stewart Stranahan, Sr., guided it with sure hand along the pathway of success. He was a leader in both economic and social progress in this city, supporting all movements which promised to benefit the public and willingly assuming his share in the burdens of community life. Through his mother, Mr. Stranahan was a direct descendant of Roger Williams, founder of Providence and of the colony of Rhode Island. He was born, however, in St. …

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of William F. O’Neil

Having become connected with the Providence Police Department some forty years ago, Chief O’Neil has continued to serve with it since then. His ability, honesty and faithfulness have gained him various promotions to positions of ever-increasing importance and responsibility, and since 1922 he has been superintendent and chief of police of Providence. In this office he has proven himself a very capable, efficient, and conscientious public official, gaining for himself to the fullest possible extent the liking, respect and confidence of his fellow-citizens. Under his administration the Police Department of Rhode Island’s capital has become consistently maintained on a very …

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Jotham H. Whipple

Proprietor of a general store and ice cream factory at Diamond Hill, Rhode Island, Jotham H. Whipple plays an important part in the business affairs of the community in which he lives and works. A native of this region of New England and a lifelong resident here, he is naturally very well acquainted with the people and their characteristics and peculiar needs, so that he is enabled to render even better public service through the work that he does than would otherwise be possible. Mr. Whipple was born in the town of Cumberland, Rhode Island, on May 24, 1882, son …

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Jonathan Bateman

Jonathan Bateman, postmaster at Manville, Rhode Island, is a man of ability and takes a keen interest in the welfare of the town and of his fellowmen. In addition to his duties as postmaster, he also operates a store in Manville. Jonathan Bateman was born in Pontiac, Rhode Island, April 19, 1875, son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Reilly) Bateman, both natives of England. The father was a millworker. The son was educated in the grammar schools and the Bryant & Stratton Business College, of Providence. He then clerked in various stores and proved himself hardworking, dependable, and quick to learn …

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Philip Brady

For many years Philip Brady has been one of the most active figures the industrial, political and journalistic fields of Rhode Island has known. His career is illustrative of an unusual versatility of accomplishment, for in each of the occupations he has from time to time followed he has become favorably conspicuous and has made many friends through his contributions to the general public welfare and instruction. His wide experience covers a period of half a century in Bristol, where he has lived since his birth. He has been frequently called to public office and in each instance has acquitted …

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William Henry Bisbee cabinet card

Biography of William Henry Bisbee

Descended on the maternal side from a Norman chieftain, whose name is recorded in English history as having fought under the banners of William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings in 1066 and which, from various original spellings, became Ballou in America, William Henry Bisbee may be said to have maintained the military traditions of that remote ancestor, since his entire mature life was spent in the United States Army, where he attained the rank of brigadier-general. He was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, January 28, 1840, a son of William Orson and Harriet Miriam (Ballou) Bisbee, the first-named …

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Walter Foster Angell

Biography of Walter Foster Angell

Directly descended from Thomas Angell, one of the first five settlers of Providence, who located here in 1636, Walter Foster Angell has practiced law in this city since 1883 and is considered one of the leaders of the New England bar. He was born in Eminence, Illinois, December 17, 1858, a son of George Manton and Abby Owen (Evans) Angell. Following his preliminary education he entered Brown University and was graduated from that institution, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and the honor of membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity in 1880. He was admitted to the Rhode …

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