William T Stedman

Biography of Hon. William T. Stedman

Hon. William T. Stedman (d. 1929) was a prominent business and civic leader in Rhode Island. Born in Wakefield, South Kingstown, he began his career at the Peace Dale Manufacturing Company, rising to assistant treasurer before retiring in 1916. Stedman was active in politics as a Republican, serving as a member and president of the Town Council, a State Representative, and State Senator. He also held roles such as town treasurer, tax collector, and treasurer of the Union Fire District. Stedman married Sarah Clarke and had two children, Oliver H. and Lucy R. His death on June 12, 1929, marked the loss of a dedicated public servant.

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 4

Biography of Leroy V. Bell

Leroy V. Bell (1885-), a prominent business figure in Wakefield, Rhode Island, was the sales agent for Nash and Chevrolet motor cars. Born in Wakefield to Louis F. Bell and Emily (Potter) Bell, he was educated in local public schools, South Kingstown High School, Rhode Island State College, and the School of Design. Initially a builder and contractor with his father for about twenty years, Bell transitioned to the automobile business in 1922. He successfully managed the Nash and Chevrolet agencies. Bell, an independent voter and active community member, served as a quartermaster in the Rhode Island State Guard during WWI. He married Lillian Eaton, and they had three children: Louis F., Leroy V., Jr., and Thomas Henry.

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 4

Biography of Louis F. Bell

Louis F. Bell (1857-), a contractor and builder in Wakefield, Rhode Island, was a significant figure in the community for over forty years. Born in New Haven, Connecticut, to Louis H. Bell, a saddler from Germany, and Martha (Walters) Bell from Ireland, he moved to Rhode Island and began his career in construction. Bell became an independent contractor in 1885, constructing notable buildings such as the Bell Block, Barber Block, Jones Block, Wakefield Grammar, South Kingstown High School, Hazard Memorial Building, and South County Hospital. A Republican, he also served on the South Kingstown Council and Board of Assessors. Bell married Emily Potter in 1879, and they had eight children.

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Moses E Shippee

Biography of Moses E. Shippee

Moses E. Shippee, born May 19, 1859, in Richmond, Rhode Island, was a notable businessman in East Greenwich. He began his career in the grocery and market business, later managing the Updike Hotel. Despite losing his sight in 1895 due to rheumatism, he continued successfully in real estate and insurance until his retirement in 1922. Shippee was active in the First Baptist Church and the Masonic Order. He married Sarah Aylesworth, and they had one daughter, Marion. Shippee passed away on April 2, 1927, leaving a legacy of dedication to his community and business acumen.

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Joseph H. Ladd

Biography of Joseph Howard Ladd, M. D.

Joseph Howard Ladd, M.D. (1876-1948), was a prominent psychiatrist specializing in the care of the feeble-minded. Born in High Forest, Minnesota, and educated at Dartmouth Medical College, he began his career at the Walter E. Fernald School in Massachusetts. In 1907, he became superintendent of the Exeter School in Rhode Island, leading significant advancements in the care and education of mentally deficient individuals. Under his administration, the school expanded its facilities and programs, despite ongoing challenges. Dr. Ladd was an esteemed member of various medical and psychiatric associations, contributing significantly to the field until his death.

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Harry Reynolds Lewis

Biography of Harry Reynolds Lewis

Commissioner of agriculture of the State of Rhode Island, Harry Reynolds Lewis is a man of wide experience in this field, combining practical work with extensive research in theoretical principles. His knowledge of all phases of scientific agriculture is complete, and his proved executive ability is assurance to the farmers of the State that their interests will be ably and efficiently cared for. Mr. Lewis was born at Providence, Rhode Island, on October 14, 1885, a son of Frank Levit and Harriet Elizabeth (Reynolds) Lewis. The family is an old one both in Europe and America, and the name is

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Frank W. Clemens

Having become connected in a clerical capacity with the Wakefield Trust Company as a young man, almost immediately following the completion of his education, Mr. Clemens has continued with this well-known and prominent financial institution since then. Strict attention to the duties assigned to him from time to time, exceptional business and executive ability, unwavering loyalty to the interests of his bank, and untiring energy and industry gained him numerous promotions to positions of ever-increasing importance and responsibility, and for the last few years he has been one of the executive officers of the bank. In this capacity his position

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Thomas P. Brightman

Thomas P. Brightman has been a lifelong resident of Bristol, Rhode Island, rising to his present position through his own efforts. He was born in Bristol, on December 6, 1882, a son of Thomas Brightman, who was born at Charlestown, Rhode Island, and has been engaged as a locomotive engineer for many years, and of Alice F. (Peckham) Brightman, born at Bradford, Rhode Island, and now deceased. Thomas P. Brightman was educated in the public schools of Bristol, and later undertook the course of study at Bryant and Stratton’s Business College. Beginning his active career, he became associated with the

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Albert E. Brown

For nearly half a century, Albert E. Brown has been a leading merchant of the town of Carolina, his business career having been in process of development since the time he left school in his youth. As proprietor of a meat and grocery establishment, he has contributed to the commercial growth and prosperity of the community. His father, Edward C. Brown, born in South Kingstown, was engaged in the grocery and provision business until his death. A veteran of the Civil War, he served with a regiment of Rhode Island Volunteers, and was a member of Shannock Post, Grand Army

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Rhode Island - three centuries of democracy vol 3

Biography of Norman D. Bailey

Though one of the younger generation of Rhode Island’s educational administrators, Mr. Brady is regarded as one of the most able and most successful. In his capacity as superintendent of public schools of North Kingstown. a position he has filled very capably for several years, he has brought the schools under his direction to a very high degree of efficiency and has greatly extended their usefulness to the community. His pleasing personality, his professional attainments and his many other fine qualities have combined to gain for him the liking, respect and confidence alike of the student body, the teachers and

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