Rhode Island Census

Rhode Island was one of the original thirteen colonies organized into a state. It’s county structure has remained the same since it’s colonial days, allowing each of the counties to have been enumerated every 10 years since 1790. Rhode Island is also unique in that it has also performed state enumerations between 1865 and 1935. Unfortunately, one of the most pivotal census, the 1895 (because it would help close the gap on information lost from the 1890 federal census) is missing.

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Early Rhode Island Censuses
Although censuses of freemen, black and white servants, Indians, and militia members were taken routinely in Rhode Island during the eighteenth century, most genealogists limit themselves to the 1774 colony census, the 1777 military census, and the 1782 state census. It’s not hard to see why: these returns have been published with indexes and are easily accessible to the researcher. There is a great deal more census data available, but understanding what each census includes and where to find it is difficult.

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These census forms will help you keep track of the census information you find online: Free Census Forms

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