Biography of Giovanni Senerchia, M. D.

Born and educated in Italy, and a veteran of the Italian Armies during the World War, Giovanni Senerchia came to America in 1921 and has since made this country his home. Dr. Senerchia has been a physician in both the old and new worlds, being carefully trained in one of the finest of Italian schools. He has quickly won a place for himself in Rhode Island life, and at Natick, where he lives, has built up an excellent practice of wide extent.

Dr. Senerchia was born at Fornelli, Italy, in 1883, a son of Davide and Sylvia Senerchia, both of Italian birth. He received his preliminary education in the grammar schools and the Gymnasium, later attending the Lyceum at Naples. He had early determined upon a medical career, and thereafter undertook the course of study at the University and Polyclinic in that city, being graduated from Naples University in 1915.

With the entry of Italy into the World War, he immediately enlisted in his country’s cause, and for two years, until the conclusion of hostilities, served as a captain in the Medical Corps. Dr. Senerchia rendered distinguished service to the allied cause, in recognition of which he was thrice decorated, receiving, first, the Italian Cross of the Merit of War, second, the medal of the Allied Armies, and third, the Memorial Medal.

After the conclusion of his war service, Dr. Senerchia took up the practice of his profession in the Province of Roma, where for seven years he was health officer, and during this period was also town physician at Ripi. He met his professional obligations with painstaking care and soon became widely known in this province. For some time, however, he had been considering emigration to America, and in March, 1921, he came to Rhode Island, taking up his practice in Natick. Dr. Senerchia was immediately successful in his work here, quickly winning the confidence of the community and extending his practice to its present prosperous proportions. He is known as one of the most able physicians of this part of the State, standing high both in the ranks of his profession and in the popular esteem.

Dr. Senerchia is now president of the Kent County Medical Society, and a member of the American Medical Association. He is affiliated fraternally with the Order of the Sons of Italy, the Italian World War Veterans’ Association, and the American Veterans of Foreign Wars. With his family he worships in the Roman Catholic faith, being a member in this denomination, of the Church of the Sacred Heart, at Natick.

In 1913, at Santa Maria Capua Vetere, in the Province of Caserta, Italy, Giovanni Senerchia married Ernesta Pennacchia, daughter of Giuseppe and Filomena Pennacchia. Dr. and Mrs. Senerchia are the parents of four children:

  1. Davide, born in 1912.
  2. Sylvia, born in 1913.
  3. Carlo, born in 1915.
  4. Aldo, born in 1917.

The family residence at Natick is maintained at No. 525 Providence Street.

Source: Carroll, Charles. Rhode Island: Three Centuries of Democracy, vol 3 of 4. New York: Lewis historical Pub. Co., 1932.

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