Biography of Howard E. Aylsworth

Prominent in the business life of Warren, Rhode Island, and known throughout this and neighboring New England communities, Howard E. Aylsworth holds a place of leadership among his fellowmen in the commercial world. The particular business in which he is most active is the automobile accessories trade, but he extends his activities into numerous other fields of endeavor.

Mr. Aylsworth was born in Natick, Rhode Island, on January 18, 1892, a son of Elmer R. and Lillie B. (Wilbur) Aylsworth. His father, a native of Providence, Rhode Island, is engaged in business as a shoe salesman; and the mother, now deceased, was born in Apponaug, Rhode Island. Howard E. Aylsworth received his early education in the public and high schools of Natick, Rhode Island, and after completing his formal schooling he went to work with the Maxwell Brisco Company, of Auburn, Rhode Island, where he remained until 1914. He then went with the Adams Express Company, of Providence, and with this company continued for about six months. At the end of that period he was with the American Locomotive Company, of Providence, for one and one-half years, and then left that organization to go with the Natick Mills, of Natick, Rhode Island, his birthplace, with which he did machine work until May, 1917. It was at that time that he entered the United States Army, serving his country during the World War until his discharge in April, 1919. He then became associated with the Belcher Loomis Hardware Company, of Providence, Rhode Island, starting there as a shipping clerk and working his way upward to the position of assistant manager. In 1923 he came to Warren, Rhode Island, where he became associated with the Messenger Motor Company, with which he continued until 1927, when he bought out the automobile accessories business of this organization. Since that time he has continued in business under the name of H. E. Aylsworth, with offices at No. 569 Main Street, where he carries a complete line of automobile parts and replacements, tires, tubes, gas and oil.

Along with his business activities, Mr. Aylsworth has consistently taken a lively part in the affairs of the community in and about Warren, Rhode Island, and he is a member of the Seakonk Gun Club, the Warren Lions’ Club, and the Richard J. Dennis Post of the American Legion. His war service was most extensive. On May 14, 1917, he enlisted in the army with the rank of private, and was assigned to the 103d regiment of Field Artillery, Battery B, 26th Division; for eighteen months he served in France with the American Expeditionary Forces, taking part in a number of battles. He fought in the Aisne sector from February 6, to March 17, 1918; the Toul sector from April 4 to June 27, 1918; and in the Sicheprey defensive, April 20 and 21 1918; the Xivroy defensive, June 16 to August 4, 1918; the St. Mihiel offensive, September 12 to 15, 1918; the Verdun sector, September 16 to October 13, 1918; the Meuse-Argonne offensive, October 15 to November 11, 1918. Then, on April 29, 1919, he was discharged with the rank of sergeant. In the Chateau-Thierry sector he was given divisional citation for his excellent work. In the life of Warren, Rhode Island, Mr. Aylsworth takes a keen interest in public affairs, and though maintaining an independent course in politics he is a close student of the political situation. Fond of outdoor sports and recreations, he enjoys nothing more than indulging, in his spare time, in hunting, fishing, boating and golf. Into all of these activities—political, social and recreational—Mr. Aylsworth ever puts the full measure of his energy and enthusiasm, with the result that he is esteemed and respected in many and varied walks of life for the part that he takes in the life of his fellowmen and his community and State.

Howard E. Aylsworth married, in 1921, Hilda C. Selby, a native of Providence, Rhode Island, who today, like her husband, is one of the highly esteemed residents of Warren, Rhode Island.

Source: Carroll, Charles. Rhode Island: Three Centuries of Democracy, vol 3 of 4. New York: Lewis historical Pub. Co., 1932.

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