Biography of Raymond U. Lynch

Widely known in the electrical industry of New England, Mr. Lynch enjoys a very high reputation for business and executive ability and is especially highly regarded as a successful sales executive. His reputation is the result of many years of successful work as sales manager for several important electrical and other concerns, work in which Mr. Lynch continued until a few years ago, since when he has been the executive head of a large and prosperous company at Providence. Though this business was already well established when Mr. Lynch acquired a financial interest in it, its prosperity and prestige have been greatly increased and expanded under Mr. Lynch’s very able and progressive management. Though naturally his business responsibilities have always required and received the major share of his time and attention, he has not permitted them to absorb him entirely, but has always taken an active and effective part in the various other phases of the several communities, in which he made his home from time to time.

Raymond U. Lynch was born at Danvers, Massachusetts, May 10, 1890, a son of the late Timothy J. and Josephine (Sullivan) Lynch. His father, who was likewise a native of Danvers, was for many years the successful superintendent of the Danvers Municipal Electric Light Department, occupying this position until his death. Mr. Lynch’s mother, who is also now deceased, was a native of Malden, Massachusetts. Mr. Lynch received his early education in the public schools of his native city and, after having graduated from the Danvers High School, became a student at Boston College, from which he was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1912. Immediately following his graduation from college, he became associated with the Manhattan Electrical Supply Company, New York City, with which concern he remained for three years. In 1916 he came to Boston, Massachusetts, and there became associated with the Post & Lester Company in the capacity of Sales manager, a position he continued to hold with marked success until 1920. Next he became associated with the Van Norman Machine Tool Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, of which he was the sales manager during 1920-26. In October of that year he acquired a financial interest in the Post & Lester Company of Rhode Island, of which he was elected president and general manager in 1927, positions which he still holds. Mr. Lynch is regarded as one of the most able, progressive and successful of the younger generation of Rhode Island’s business executives and is considered as one of the outstanding business men of Providence. He is a member of the Providence Chamber of Commerce, the Rhode Island Electrical League, and the Radio Manufacturing Association, of the legislative committee of which latter organization he is the chairman, as well as of the Rhode Island Automotive Dealers’ Association, and of the Manufacturers’ Equipment Association. In politics he is a supporter of the Republican party and, while still a resident of Danvers, he served for two years as a selectman and for four years as a member of the finance committee. His religious affiliation is with St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church of Providence. He finds recreation chiefly in golf.

Mr. Lynch married, in 1917, Mildred Barrows, a native of Beverly, Massachusetts. Mr. and Mrs. Lynch are the parents of three children: Raymond F., Robert B., and Kathleen L.

Source: Carroll, Charles. Rhode Island: Three Centuries of Democracy, vol 3 of 4. New York: Lewis historical Pub. Co., 1932.

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