Biography of Edwin Gerald Dunlop

Proprietor of nurseries which are widely and favorably known throughout Rhode Island, Edwin Gerald Dunlop operates what is known as the establishment of “Dunlop the Florist,” and has twenty thousand square feet of space under glass. Specializing in carnations, he employs three hands here, and is the owner and proprietor of the business which he has developed. The Dunlop greenhouses are some of the most beautiful in this part of New England, and Mr. Dunlop labors tirelessly in developing new and rare floral objects of beauty, with the result that he is recognized as not only a florist but a student of flowers.

Edwin Gerald Dunlop was born in County Armagh, Ireland, on March i, 1888, son of William and Emma (Nicholson) Dunlop. He came to the United States when he was eighteen years old, having learned his trade in Ireland, where he received his formal schooling and acquired his early business experience. He first settled in this country in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he was employed as a salesman. Looking always for an opportunity to become established in his own trade, that of the florist, he, with his brother, bought a small place in Springfield. In 1920, however, he came to the town of Cumberland, Rhode Island, where he saw possibilities for developing his business on a large scale; and here he bought the property which he now owns and operates independently. A man of business vision, sound in his judgments, Mr. Dunlop, by careful planning and foresight, has worked his way upward to his present position as proprietor of florist’s properties which are so extensive as to be the cause of envy on the part of many of his competitors.

In addition to his work in this connection, Mr. Dunlop is active in social and civic affairs. He is a member of the Free and Accepted Masons, in which order he belongs to the Mount Moriah Lodge at Lime Rock, Rhode Island, and also the Order of the Eastern Star. He belongs also to the Eureka Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Rebekahs of Woonsocket. In Woonsocket, Rhode Island, he is a member of the Masonic Club. His religious faith is that of the Protestant Episcopal Church, to which both he and his wife belong.

Edwin Gerald Dunlop married, December 28, 1909, Anna Symington, a native of County Armagh, Ireland. By this union there have been three children: i. Edwin Vincent. 2. Woodrow William. 3. Winslow Joseph.

Source: Carroll, Charles. Rhode Island: Three Centuries of Democracy, vol 3 of 4. New York: Lewis historical Pub. Co., 1932.

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