Biography of Joseph H. Gorman

As proprietor of one of the largest establishments in New England devoted to the wholesale distribution of shell and other types of fish, Joseph H. Gorman is prominent in his home town of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, and widely known in all the sections of New England and New York to which his trade extends. He has made the King Gorman Wholesale Fish Company a conspicuous success. Combined with an ambitious and progressive spirit and with an expert knowledge of his wares and his market, Mr. Gorman has built his business on high standards of business ethics. State and Federal inspectors are always able to give this firm a clean bill of health.

Joseph H. Gorman was born in the house at which he now lives in East Greenwich, December 23, 1884, son of Patrick and Mary Joseph Gorman. The father, who came to the town in 1859, was employed on the railroad and died in 1889, survived by his wife, who died in 1922. Of the seven children born to the couple, only three are now living: Daniel H. Gorman, a merchant of East Greenwich; Catherine A. H. Gorman; and Joseph H., subject of this record. The last-named attended the local public schools and East Greenwich Academy and then entered the grocery business. He was later engaged in the motion picture industry for a time with Fritz Johnson and for twelve years successfully pursued this line of accomplishment. In 1927, however, he sold out. During this period he had not relinquished his grocery business. His brother, King Gorman, had established his shell-fish enterprise in 1913 and built up a huge business, retaining the presidency for himself, and making his brother, Joseph H. Gorman, treasurer. Upon the death of King Gorman in 1918, another brother, Thomas Gorman, took over the business, which he operated until his death. It then came under the ownership of Joseph H. Gorman, who is now one of the largest dealers in New England. He has five large trucks for delivering his wares, which are distributed wholesale throughout New England and in distant cities in New York, like New York City and Utica. He has a fine wharf in East Greenwich. A Republican in politics, Mr. Gorman has been too busy with his varied interests to take any active part in party programs.

Joseph H. Gorman married Edna May Hunt, daughter of Thomas Hunt. They are the parents of three children: King, Maureen, and Carol.

Source: Carroll, Charles. Rhode Island: Three Centuries of Democracy, vol 3 of 4. New York: Lewis historical Pub. Co., 1932.

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